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Conflict is a part of life. We find it in our families, at work, and in our neighborhoods.

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It’s tempting to avoid or deny it, but when we embrace it, conflict provides us with an opportunity for understanding, clarity, a stronger relationship.

The judicial system provides us with one means to resolve disputes based on the limitations of the law. This option is often time intensive, expensive, and adversarial, and does not address non legal issues.

New Hampshire Conflict Resolution Association (NHCRA) promotes Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Services. These options are often less intimidating, less time consuming and less expensive than the purely legal route. ADR services can be used as an alternative to the legal system or alongside that system.

Resolution processes encourage disputants to choose their own means to address the issues at hand involving a professional third party.

Whether the issue is landlord/tenant, breach of contract, a family dispute or a probate issue, there is a method of conflict resolution and a professional to help.

What kind of dispute/conflict is challenging you? Learn more on our Types of Conflict page.